Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Synagogue Tragedy: 'No Same Aircraft Can Fly Four Times in that Route'

Puncturing claims that a 'strange' aircraft had flown over the Lagos headquarters of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SOAN), in Ikotun, four consecutive times before it collapsed, preliminary investigations has revealed that it was nearly impossible.

Recall that SCOAN spiritual leader had blamed the collapse, which claimed 86 lives and left 131 others with various injuries, on the said aircraft which he claimed flew over the collapsed building four times at intervals before it collapsed at 12.44pm on Friday, September 12.

In an exclusive interview with a senior air traffic control officer who asked not to be named,  alleged preliminary investigations revealed that it was not the same aircraft that flew over the said collapsed building.

He said, "After we got a copy of the video made available to us by the church, we set off to investigate the claims that the same aircraft flew four times over the roof before the building collapsed. 

"Remember that the church could not categorically tell us that it was the same aircraft through that their video. 

"There is one critical point we want to make, that route over the synagogue is under the flight chat and it is the same route flights take off and land through.

"Therefore, nearly all the aircrafts or planes-both international and domestic, fly through that route. So, there is no way any particular aircraft will fly the same route four times without raising security flags at the control room.

"The only time that can happen is if there is an emergency but it won't have been four times and it won't be the same aircraft."

On the level of investigation, he alleged short term investigations based on the ADR (a code or file that shows flight movement on the nation's airspace), shows it wasn't the same aircraft. 

On the long term investigations he said, "This will entail digging up the flight charts and plans for that period and we can't do that now because the machine that records such was programmed to be accessed quarterly or monthly."

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